Brent Fowler

Department: Taskers

Position: Owner/General Manager

Brent owns and runs Taskers. He had 14 years of yachting industry experience under his belt, prior to taking on the Taskers helm.
Brent is a family man at heart, however, it could be argued that his mistress is the sea. Brent’s passion is Grand Prix yacht racing.
He manages WA’s TP52 M3, which competes on the east coast and rarely does not place on the podium.

He is a keen sailor who has skippered 2.5 Sydney to Hobarts as well as taken out a long list of competitive racing titles. Most recently he challenged Prince Fredrik of Denmark in Hamilton Island Race Week, 2017.

Brent converts his talents as a skipper into tangible ways to assist his customers in realising their sailing dreams, by making their boats faster, quicker, slicker and better.

Brent does not see problems, he sees opportunities. Opportunities to grow, opportunities to work smarter and opportunities to find better solutions for his customers.

Tony Pearce

Department: Spars
Position: Fabricator

Tony is the legend of our work shop. He engineers and fabricates all our custom metal work.

Luke Hewick

Department: Sails
Position: Apprentice Sailmaker

Luke joined our team at the end of 2018 to start his apprenticeship. He has proven to be a diligent team player with a thirst to learn and a passion for quality.

Kirsten Fowler (BA.MBA)

Position: Office Manager

Kirsten achieved her Master of Business Administration from University of Western Australia. She spent many years working for Qantas Airways as a Customer Service Manager, before joining the Taskers team in 2017.

Kirsten’s focus is on Customer Service, OH&S and Human Resources