Jackson Digney crew Foundation 36 Champion of Champions 2005

Taskers is the expert in yacht sails, masts and rigging.

Taskers, the oldest and most respectful spar and sail ma ker in the country, still design, cut and manufacture in house to guarantee to all customers impeccable quality which Taskers is renowned for.

Our passionate and experienced sail maker and spars team (see Staff Profile) are working constantly to find innovative ways to improve our sails, masts and products through advances in manufacturing, engineering and desing.

As much as Taskers yacht sails and yacht masts are highly valued in the Country, it has been recognised outside Australia too. Most recently we supplied all yacht sails and masts f o r the Foundation 36 for the Malaysia Cup.

Taskers is proud to be still western Australia owned and still maintain independency from big overseas ownership.

Yacht Sails

Taskers is Australia's oldest and most respected sailmaker - we have been manufacturing high-quality sailing equipment longer than anyone else in the country.

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Yacht Masts

Taskers Masts and Rigging are able to provide you with a wide range of products and services.

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Yacht Rigging

Taskers stock a comprehensive range of stainless steel rigging wire, high techand polyester braided ropes.

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