Yacht Sails

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Taskers is Australia's oldest and most respected sailmaker - we have been manufacturing high-quality sailing equipment longer than anyone else in the country. As the industry leader, we have now stepped up and joined forces with the best in the world. We now work hand in hand with Quantum Sails to provide our customers with the cutting edge design technology for high end performance. 

Learn more about our services below, or contact Steve Hartley, our sail expert, for some obligation free advice.  



Sail Repairs

Taskers can handle all manner of sail repairs & maintenance, incorporating pickup and delivery within the metro area. 

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Sail Loft

Taskers houses the largest sail loft in the Southern Hemisphere. Our purpose-built facility includes a raised floor which brings the loft floor level in line with the computer controlled plotting bench, which marks and cuts out sail panels as per our in-house design.

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Sail Types

Quantum Sails creates mainsails, jibs and spinnakers in a huge range of styles, colours and materials for single and multi-hulled craft. Australia's best sails are right here in Perth.

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Photo Gallery

Photos from some of Taskers yacht sail projects.