Sail Loft

Raised Floor

Taskers houses the largest sail loft in Perth.   Our purpose-built facility includes a raised floor which brings the sail loft floor level in line with the computer controlled plotting bench, which marks and cuts out sail panels as per our in-house design.

The main benefit of the raised sail loft floor (the only one in Perth) is that it keeps the sails away from the dirt, dust and other grime of the the ground ... helping us ensure that you receive your sails clean and in perfect condition!

Taskers Sailmaking Process

Taskers - first and foremost - talks with you to fully understand what it is you want. The design of your yacht sail will be dependent on the type of yacht you have, and the type of sailing you do.

Your sail will then be designed using the latest computer technology - our "Sailmaker " program, created by Sail Science

01 spinnaker front sailmaker
Front view of spinnaker design in Sailmaker

02 spinnaker side sailmaker
Side view

03 spinnaker top sailmaker
Top view
Panels are then generated from the sail design using "Plotmaker" (program also created by Sail Science)


05 spinnaker result plotmaker
Resulting spinnaker panels in Plotmaker
06 spinnaker panels plotmaker
Sail panels ready to be cut

Ikon PlotterS
The individual sail panels are then cut on our automatic plotting/cutting table supplied by Aeronaut