Rigging Hardware Terminology

This is an example of the basic rigging components available from Taskers. Through our global network of suppliers, its very unlikely we wont be able to source a replacement for what you have. See our wire and terminology sections for further information.

Wire End Fittings

Ball Tang Swage

Stem Ball Swage

Swage Eye

wire end fitting Ball Tang Swage wire end fitting Stem Ball Swage wire end fitting Swage Eye

Swage Fork

Toggle Eye Swage

T Bar

wire end fitting Swage Fork wire end fitting Toggle Eye Swage wire end fitting T Bar


Mast Attachments

Ball Tang Base

Stainless Steel Tang

Stem Ball Cup

mast attachment Ball Tang Base Mast Attachment Stainless Steel Tang Mast Attachment Stem Ball Cup

T Bar Backing Plate

Weld-on Lug

Mast Attachment T Bar Backing Plate Mast Attachment Weld On Lug  


Wire & Mast Attachments

Threaded Swage

Open Body Turnbuckle

wire end fitting Threaded Swage wire end fitting Open Body Turnbuckle

Seafast Closed Body Turnbuckle

Sealoc Closed Body Turnbuckle

wire end fitting Seafast Closed Body Turnbuckle wire end fitting Sealoc Closed Body Turnbuckle


Swageless Wire End Fittings



T Bar

Turnbuckle Stud

Swageless Wire End Fitting Eye Swageless Wire End Fitting Fork Swageless Wire End Fitting T Bar Swageless Wire End Fitting Stud for Turnbuckle